Welcome to Akuna Matada Ranch, we breed and raise Suri Alpacas. The goal is for our alpacas to have uniform, dense and grade appropriate fleece for a U.S. commercial market. We believe the way to achieve this goal is through education and using all the tools of a true livestock model. This means Histograms, Skin Biopsies, SHIP (Suri Herd Improvement Program) and culling.

As chair for The Suri Network-Product Development Committee for several years, during this time we created the P2P Educational DVD series. I am currently Vice-President of The Suri Network Board, where I am the SHIP liaison and formed the Suri Branding Committee.

I have taken numerous fiber classes through The University of North Carolina along with grading and sorting classes, and have toured several mills, from Mini to Commercial. Along the way, I am very fortunate to have met and worked with many knowledgeable fiber people and continue to learn from them. I sort and grade fiber for The North American Suri Co.

Akuna Matada Suri Ranch has been working with a family run company in India that creates beautiful Hand Knotted Persian Rugs from Suri Fiber. We are the sole distributor of these rugs in North America. For more information on the rugs contact Deb Christner at akunamatadasuri@gmail.com